Kristie Damico has been our dog care provider, gardener and friend. Ranger, our 130 lb. half Great Pyrenees and half Burmese Mountain dog is a large dog that needs lots of love, attention and walking every day. Kristie loves and cares for him as if he was her own dog and provides him with the attention he seeks when we are traveling. I am happy to be a reference for Kristie and recommend her to anyone who cares about the attention and quality of care their pet is getting while they are away. –Tom Powell


Kristie is very kind, patient and reliable. I have known her for seven years and have seen her interact with people and pets and would totally entrust my pets’ sitting to her. We have hiked with our dogs together for many years and recently she has given me horseback riding lessons. I have recommended her pet sitting services to several acquaintances (clients from the veterinary hospital where I work) as well as neighbors with much acclaim: I get excellent feedback from every one! If you are looking for a pet sitter that will give your animals the kindness, love and patience that you provide, contact Kristie at Your Pet and Horse Nanny! –Lydia Brown


I wouldn’t use anyone else except Your Pet and Horse Nanny for sitting for my horses, dog or any other pet. Kristie and Peter treat them like their own, are dependable, resourceful and capable. I treasure my animals and always know they’re in good hands when they’re with them. –Kathy and Tom Locke

Hire a mature, insured and bonded experienced horse sitter with references and an established business.

Kristie has years of experience with horses and continues practicing and studying riding and groundwork skills.



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"I just love my Pet Nanny!"

Kristie Damico