We will meet your pets and you can get acquainted with us. We can explain our Service and Policy Agreements and provide our Certificate of Insurance and Bonding protection. References from our human clients will be provided. You can explain to us your pet’s daily routines and tell us exactly how you would like things done. ...more


Our goal is to give your animals peace of consistency in their routines, which will comfort and relax them while you are away from them. We will work very hard tending to their needs, staying alert to details and showing them love and kindness. Our goal is to give you peace of mind so you can focus on your work, vacation and other obligations.


We are mature, retired business professionals offering a personal service to you and your companion animals. It is our passion to help you and your pets feel less stressed when you are apart. We created Your Pet and Horse Nanny as our business because it is a service we always wanted for our own animals. ...more